• Chances are your computer network is a vital part of your business. When something goes wrong, your business can come to a complete stop. Digital Computer Services can help keep your computer network running smoothly. Keeping the critical components of your network properly maintained is one of our specialties.

  • Server Management

    We have many years of experience in managing and administering Windows networks including larger networks with Windows Servers and Domain Controllers. We can put in a maintenance plan that keeps your servers in tip top shape. We can monitor your servers and get on remotely to fix many problems that can come up.

    Some of the things we can do for you are:

    • Server Administration
    • Remote Assistance - Access you server remotely and fix whatever is wrong.
    • Server Management & Optimization
    • Network Security
    • Server backup / disaster recovery planning
    • Disk Space monitoring
    • Event log monitoring
  • Network Administration

    Digital Computer Services can keep you network running smoothly. We can come in and analyze your current situation and recommend how to make it faster. We can add wireless capability, provide more ports for expansion.